Mimaki JV33 / JV5 Printhead - M007947

Mimaki JV33 / JV5 Printhead - M007947

  • $2,335.00

The Mimaki JV33 / JV5 Printhead - M007947 Can be used with water base and solvent inks. The Mimaki DX5 printhead is delivered in a sealed Mimaki package with the Head ID. The Head Memory Board does not come with the Mimaki printhead but you use the head memory board of the printhead you are replacing.

The Mimaki DX5 printhead can be used with the following Mimaki printers.

CJV30-100 / CJV30-100BS / CJV30-130 / CJV30-130BS / CJV30-160 / CJV30-160BS / CJV30-60 / CJV30-60BS / JV33-130 / JV33-130BS / JV33-160 / JV33-160BS / JV33-260 / JV33-260BS / JV5-130S / JV5-160S / JV5-260S / JV5-320DS JV5-320S / TPC-1000 / TS3-1600 / TS5-1600AMF

If you need help replacing your Mimaki printhead you can watch our step by step video in the support page or call.