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Global Print Supply

Global Print Supply is a supplier of printing equipment, sublimation ink and sublimation papers. The company is located in Ontario, CA, and is a leader in the region of California Mimaki, Mutoh & Roland repair.

The company specializes in high-quality sublimation ink supplies and efficient same-day services. Global Print Supply also houses a full staff with more than two decades of experience with a large range of printing services as well as the most advanced technology found in the printing industry. They serve companies of all sizes in the Los Angeles region, from large corporations to small local business.

The sublimation process involves an innovative method of printing directly into (not onto) a variety of materials, from paper to glass to fabric. It requires specialty materials, including sublimation ink, printers, and sublimation transfer paper. The sublimation process works by transforming ink from a liquid to a gaseous state through application of extremely high heat. This allows the ink to become physically united to the transfer material, meaning it is printed into the material and binding to its surface. This contrasts with traditional inkjet printing, which uses a transfer to print on top of another material.

The benefits of sublimation are manifold: the final product looks smooth and finished and has long-lasting durability, so you can expect a printed material that will last for as long as you need it. This transfer is quick, in full color and detail, and can print even complicated designs at high speed, which make sublimation much more efficient than other forms of printing. Global Print Supply’s top-quality sublimation inks and materials make it a top choice for California sublimation needs.

The company even has a showroom open to the public, where Mimaki, Mutoh, and Roland printers are on display. The company has built a name as a first-rate provider of Mimaki service in California for good reason: These top-quality printers are some of the best options for bulk printing needs. Global Print Supply prides itself on partnering with the best suppliers in the printing industry. The company also offers repair services of printing equipment and is a leader in southern California Mimaki repair