Digital Printing Equipment

What make Mutoh one of the top printer manufacturers in the world? It's ability to produce breathtaking quality at astonishing speed. Mutoh utilizes the latest Epson single-head technology and a smaller ink droplet size than other manufacturers. This combination produces higher resolution and smoother gradients. Mutoh's impressive design and technology is recognized industry wide and Mutoh has won the prestigious SGIA Product Of the Year Award two years in a row with the ValueJET 1638 and 2638. 

Why can Mutoh's large format color printers generate better output? Traditional inkjet printers lay down ink in a straight line, making it all to easy to see stripes or bands in the finished print. This leads to customer dissatisfaction and prints you simply can't sell. But Mutoh's color printers use Wave Printing, an exclusive patented technology developed by the Mutoh engineering group.

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